Xbox 360: How to fix „Failed to authorize disc” game error?

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While playing game „Failed to authorize disc” error occurs and Xbox is restarting. 


This error touches mainly LT+ 3.0 consoles after installing game on HDD. There is no permanent solution to this issue at the moment except burning not truncated backups, but you can somehow evade it on truncated ones (see fixes below).

If  you have been encountering it on originals (and even on genuine not modded console) then DVD media or DVD drive might be poor. If your original media is in crystal condition then everything points on your DVD drive (dust/dirt on lenses or general condition that has been worsening over time). Try to use DVD/CD lenses clean kit at first (something like this). If the problem persists, then check your DVD media in another Xbox – maybe it’s not as good as it seems to be and you should exchange it or simply DVD drive is broken.

Quick fix for truncated backups (music trick)

  1. Rip some CD track to your HDD or better copy this silence mp3 file:
    Xbox 360 – Failed to authorize disc error antidote (silence edition).mp3
    to Pen Drive (it will not disturbing your gameplay and can be played nonstop). You can also stream some music track from your home network.
  2. Start playing music track from step 1 before launching the game (push Xbox button > menu Media > Play button).
  3. Start the game from HDD.
  4. (Optional step) As the game started and reached the point when normally DVD starts clicking (i.e. failing authorize disc – usually at game start screen), you can stop playing your music (push Xbox button > menu Media > Stop button).
  5. That’s all!
    Since now, shouldn’t occur any failure during this game session (or failure chance reduced to almost improbable) but you have to repeat steps 2 to 4 every next game start.

Please don’t ask me how it is possible or what music player has to do with XGD3 CIVs checks (I’m also totally surprised), but it works quite reliable (I mean, there still can be errors but its probability is significantly reduced).

Another fix for truncated backups (no HDD install)

The other way is to avoid this error by playing on original disc or removing installed game from HDD and playing from backup DVD only. But even then you can encounter this error, which can be also easily avoided, doing the following steps:

  1. Remove game install from Xbox HDD (press X on game picture and choose Delete).
  2. Switch off Xbox.
  3. Unplug Xbox Hard Drive (how-to on and put it aside.
  4. Switch on Xbox (without HDD of course).
  5. Start your game from DVD and play a while.
  6. Switch off Xbox.
  7. Plug Xbox Hard Drive back.
  8. Start Xbox and… that’s it. No more errors while playing on backup DVD. Unfortunately, installing game once again will bring this error back.

Issue background

According to truncated XGD3 burns are no longer supported due to into game code implemented random CIV checks (Content Integrity Verification) that cannot be patched by image processing tool like abgx. You need to get use the iXtreme Burner MAX Firmware flashed into compatible burner like the Liteon iHAS 124-04 B (see how-to video below), then your burns will no longer be truncated and will be 100% 8.7GB to a dual layer disc (recommended certain types of high quality VERBATIM). Flashing burner firmware has also hardware requirements: any SATA Chipset (NON-AHCI Mode) or Xecuter X360USB PRO. Unfortunately, even then you can’t be 100% sure, your backups will work, because there is many other factors deciding on your backup quality, which is the reason of CIV check failure. By XGD3 and latest Xbox updates, burners and burning media has been pushed to their limits, where that backup burn quality is very hard to achieve.

Be aware

Any time you just connect your Xbox to the internet (XBLA), it can be patched silently by Microsoft to eliminate iXtreme functionality, causing similar or other issues.

Why got this error again?

Because you went into the point of the game, where its code (CIV check) cannot be cheated this way. Moreover, result varies between particular games. To make things clearer and sum all up, I would say that way:

  1. 100% sure solution is to play DVD originals.
  2. 90% sure solution is to burn DVD backups without truncation or playing DVD backup directly without installing it on HDD.
  3. 50% sure is to do music trick – if problem persists, there are 2 options: burn backup again on better DVD medium or this particular game should be treated as stated in point 1 or 2 (simply doesn’t work like this).

If problem persists in any case, there is always possibility that your DVD drive might have dirty lens or is somehow broken (maybe used up).

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  1. Thank you very much
    playing mp3 music worked for me.

    just play music before starting game and stop it after a while …

  2. hesham_the_muslim_guy

    wow this is the best solution thanks peeps.

  3. This works with the last update of the dashboard? (dash version 17511)

  4. i haven’t downloaded my fifa 18 on HDD but it says:failed to authorise disc pls helpp

  5. Can you possibly provide me a list of what games may not work with the music trick? My serious sam collection and dark souls work and the device forgets about the civ check but I heard forza 4, black ops 2 and a few fifa games may not work.

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