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WordPress: How to change folder, URL or all media links at once?


I’ve just wanted to change several things on my WordPress site:

  1. URL location
    from iknowsomething.com/blog
    to simple iknowsomething.com
  2. WordPress folder location
    from main-server-folder (=domain folder)/blog
    to main-server-folder/iknowsomething (=domain folder)
  3. Permalinks
    from iknowsomething.com/index.php/year/monthnum/day/post-title
    to simple iknowsomething.com/post-title

By this operation following problems come across:

  • How to change WordPress folder and/or URL to preserve old links working from the Internet?
  • How to change all WordPress media links at once to avoid changing hundreds of them manually?