Synology DS713+ AirPlay to Apple TV 3 direct video streaming

Synology DS713+ Video Station Transcoding DIVX AVI XVID MKV AirPlay Apple TV 3Question

How does Synology Video Station perform streaming/transcoding AVI, DIVX, XVID, MKV through the AirPlay to the Apple TV?

How to play AVI, DIVX, XVID with external subtitles on Apple TV 3?


Synology DS713+ does support both video transcoding types (1 and 2), thus you can stream any video directly to your Apple TV, without any other devices. Of course, you must have some device to give Synology command to AirPlay the movie (Apple TV cannot control Synology itself). This can be done by PC browser, iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) or Android device with Video Station app installed (free).

More info on Synology video transcoding types and supporting NAS models can be found on FAQ.

I had an opportunity to see how it works and decided to publish some tests.

Test description

Tested video samples was:

  • MP4: codec H264-MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)(avc1), resolution: 720×360 at frame rate: 23.97 fps.
  • MKV: codec H264-MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)(avc1), resolution: 1920×800 at frame rate: 23.97 fps.
  • XVID: codec MPEG4-Video, resolution 720×480 at frame rate: 29.79 fps.
  • Each of above was tested separately with external srt subtitles.

Test environment:

  • Streaming was proceeded through WiFi 802.11n at 150Mbps link (Synology @ ETH 1Gbps > Cisco router > WiFi > Apple TV).
  • Synology operating system: DSM 4.2-3211, Video Station app v1.1-0237.

Synology DS713+ CPU, Disk, Memory and Network utilization while AirPlay streaming to Apple TV 3 gen are presented on the figure below.

Synology DS713+ video transcoding performance

Synology DS713+ direct video AirPlay to Apple TV 3 XVID DIVX MKV MP4 external subtitles

Synology DS713+ video transcoding type 1 stuttering

Unfortunately, even though XVID/DIVX transcoding (type 2) takes about 70% CPU utilization, frames dropping/stuttering effect takes place (video below). It looks like Synology lowered ffmpeg transcodig frame rate to prevent CPU from overload. Therefore, I assume it is only a software question to stream them smoothly and further Video Station updates may resolve this issue.


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