How to set up Time Machine backup on Synology DiskStation?


  • How to limit Time Machine backup space on Synology DiskStation?
  • How to deal with multiple Mac computers Time Machine backup on Synology DiskStation?


Everything comes to:

  • creating separate Time Machine shared folder,
  • creating Time Machine user with quota limiting backup space (the best is to do so per computer in your LAN for future backup activity tracing and backup space management),
  • setting up Time Machine on Mac with both above: to backup on created shared folder and from dedicated user account.

Quick  How-To

On Synology

  1. 1 Create shared folder
    Go to Control Panel > app Shared Folder > button Create > set folder name as Time Machine

    This folder will be used later by Time Machine service.

  2. Attach service
    Go to Control Panel > app Win/Mac/NFS > choose tab Mac File Service > dropdown menu Time Machine set to Time Machine shared folder.

    Bind Time Machine Service with your folder.

  3. 3 Create user
    for every Time Machine computer in your LAN. Go to Control Panel > app Users > button Create > and follow to steps on pictures below.

    Set user name to Time Machine Device Name (e.g. Time Machine MacBook Pro or shorter Time Machine MBP).

    Just click Next, if you don’t manage groups.

    Allow to Read/Write on Time Machine shared folder only. The rest keep unaccessible to the Time Machine user.

    Limit your disk space to the Time Machine user by defining quota limit. Otherwise, it will take entire volume space, because Time Machine is making backup history until ran out of disk space. It’s good to give a minimum twice as much quota as your data amount on Mac (HDD or backed up folders), for which you are creating this Time Machine user account.

    Time Machine user doesn’t need any application access.

    Leave speed limit boxes unchecked and click Next.

    Take a look at the created Time Machine user Summary and click Apply, if everything is OK.

  4. 4 Go to your Mac
    If you have more devices you want to backup using Time Machine, create accounts for them as stated in and according to step 3.

On Mac

For details go to the Apple Time Machine Set Up.

  1. Set Time Machine ON
    in System Preferences > Time Machine.
  2. 2 Select Disk…
    and choose created Time Machine @ DiskStation shared folder.
  3. 3 Login
    as created Time Machine Device Name user.
  4. 4 Exclude partitions
    on your Mac you don’t want to backup.

That’s all

Some other details you can find at:

  • How to back up data from Mac to DiskStation with Time Machine on Synology support.
  • Synology Time Machine set up and some troubleshooting on macsynology blog.


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