How to enable Wireless Media Stick on Synology DiskStation?


Previously, I had NAS WD My Book World Edition II working with Wireless Media Stick (WMS) on WIWA HD-80 DVBT Tuner. Everything was fine until I’ve changed NAS to Synology DiskStation 413j. Since then, WMS has been working with everyhing except the DVBT tuner. Although WMS was showing shared folders, it was preventing me to explore them (simply nothing was happened).

How to make WMS working with some native USB devices and Synology DiskStation?


It’s all about disabling write-protect on WMS, enabling guest account on Synology and giving guest Read/Write privilages to shared folders… but this is unacceptable since anybody can easily grant then full access to our files. Therefore, we have to create dedicated user account for WMS on DiskStation.

On Synology DiskStation

  1. 1 Go to Synology DSM
    entering DiskStation IP address in browser URL.
  2. 2 Enable Win file service
    in Win/Mac/NFS app under Control Panel. Leave Local Master Browser disabled/unchecked (WMS doesn’t need this as opposite to what HSTI states and also your DiskStation can go in hibernation with this option disabled).
  3. 3 Enable guest account
    in User app under Control Panel with disabled access to all shared folders and set strong password for it (e.g. Awk!2319@Dqalt#). I prefer the same password as admin until you don’t use your guest account as it was intended to use.
  4. 4 Create WMS account
    with short password and give Read/Write privileges to chosen shared folders (it’s important, because giving Read only privilage will not work).
    NOTICE: Due to some WMS limitations, user name can’t contain spaces (e.g. choose WMS instead of Wireless Media Stick) and user password can’t be too long (a few chars).

On HSTI Wireless Media Stick

  1. 5 Go to WMS setup
    (e.g. entering WMS IP address in browser URL) and click Add/Remove folders.
  2. 6 Click shared folder
    under DISKSTATION and in opened requester window provide WMS account credentials, created previously under Synology DSM. Check also box Remember this password for this computer and folders.
  3. 7 Uncheck write-protect
    in WMS settings.
  4. 8 Restart WMS
    and everything should be visible and reachable to the extend of WMS capability (described in Hands-on Wireless Media Stick review).

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