How to change WD My Book World Edition MAC address?


Suprisingly, there is no user interface or manual to change/set MBWE White Light MAC address.

How to change or set My Book World Edition I or II White Light MAC address every time I want and whatever MAC address I want?


This solution will set your MAC permanently, it means that every time you boot or update your MBWE firmware it will lasts until you change it again in the manner described below. Works with MBWE I and II White Light firmware versions:

  • 01.02.14, the latest at the time of this text
  • 01.02.12 from 2011-10-19
  • 01.02.06 from 2011-02-16

To change or set MBWE MAC address do the following steps:

  1. Enable SSH in your MBWE. To do this, login to your MBWE web interface and go to Advanced Setup > System > Advanced then check SSH Access to Enable and click Submit.
  2. Open Terminal on your Linux/MAC OSX (for Windows use PuTTY or simple boot Ubuntu Live CD) then write command, providing your MBWE current IP address (here is an example):
    ssh root@ [hit ENTER]
    and provide password:
    welc0me [hit ENTER].
  3. Write the following command after login to SSH MBWE is done, providing your MAC address from the label under MBWE case (here is an example):
    /usr/local/wdc/uboot_env/ 00:90:A9:71:1C:24 [hit ENTER]
  4. Reboot your MBWE after operation is completed.
  5. Disable SSH in your MBWE as in step 1.
  6. Done.

To check MAC under Ubuntu Terminal type command arp after first time MBWE boot or command ifconfig after SSH again (see step 2) to MBWE.


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