How to backup files directly between Synology DiskStation and Apple AirPort Time Capsule?


Synology DSM (up to v6.0) does not allow to use Remote Folder (i.e. mounted network folder of other NAS or PC) as a backup source or backup destination. Although DSM does support network backup on rsync-compatible server, but unfortunately Apple AirPort Time Capsule isn’t such.

  • How to backup, sync or mirror Synology DiskStation files to/from Remote Folder (mounted folder) of any NAS?
  • How to setup direct and automatic DiskStation folder synchronisation to Apple AirPort Time Capsule and vice versa?
  • How to sync Apple AirPort Time Capsule with Synology DiskStation?


Apple AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Questions & Answers

Apple-Airport-Time-CapsuleIf you have any questions I haven’t answered yet, feel free to ask in the comment – I’ll try to complete the list with an answer. These are the answers I couldn’t find on the internet while I was struggling with decision if and which one to buy. (więcej…)

iOS SDK: SpriteKit sound



Recently, I came across a SpriteKit sound bug (iOS 7.0.4) described on Sprite Kit & playing sound leads to app termination. My further investigation and developed solutions answer to this and more issues:

  1. SpriteKit app using [SKAction playSoundFileNamed:] cause crash on app exit or going into background.
  2. Deactivating AVAudioSession in AppDelegate applicationDidEnterBackground: fails with error (no deactivation in effect): Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=560030580 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 560030580.)
  3. SpriteKit app using [SKAction playSoundFileNamed:] on AVAudioSession interruption (e.g. call arrived) cannot be reactivated (silence).
  4. How to implement AVAudioPlayer in place of SpriteKit [SKAction playSoundFileNamed:]? (więcej…)

Xcode: Git repository error while adding files


I have encountered Xcode 4.4.1 error while adding files (cannot add) to the project:

fatal: Unable to create ‚/Volumes/{Project Path}/.git/index.lock’: File exists.

But, I cannot find this file under Finder or Terminal. Also deleting repository doesn’t give any positive results. (więcej…)

How to enable Wireless Media Stick on Synology DiskStation?


Previously, I had NAS WD My Book World Edition II working with Wireless Media Stick (WMS) on WIWA HD-80 DVBT Tuner. Everything was fine until I’ve changed NAS to Synology DiskStation 413j. Since then, WMS has been working with everyhing except the DVBT tuner. Although WMS was showing shared folders, it was preventing me to explore them (simply nothing was happened).

How to make WMS working with some native USB devices and Synology DiskStation? (więcej…)